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CHEAPEST countries to travel to

Tuesday, 12 September 2023
by Sevgül

1. Ukraine

Ukraine has many cities to visit and activities to do. Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Zaporozhye, Odessa... If you want to relax at a reasonable price, you can consider traveling to Ukraine, which is among the cheapest countries and does not require a visa to Azerbaijan. You can spend an unforgettable vacation at a very cheap price in the cities of Ukraine, which are one of the best places to visit, especially with friends.


2. Albania

Despite being cheap, Albania, which hosts few tourists, offers you a very relaxing vacation, and visa-free. While in this country, rent a car at a cheap price and enjoy your vacation.


3. Bulgaria

If you want to experience the history and culture of Bulgaria, feel like a part of it, and also want a cheap vacation, this destination is for you. To visit Bulgaria, you must obtain either an active Schengen visa or a Bulgarian national visa.


4. Serbia

Serbia, which recently entered the list of visa-free countries from Azerbaijan, is one of the countries that meets the expectations of visitors. Social life in Serbia, distinguished by its historical and cultural richness as well as its cheapness, is quite active. Whether you stay in hostels or hotels in Belgrade, the capital and largest city of Serbia, you can instantly find the accommodation you are looking for from various search engines.


5. Macedonia

The Republic of Macedonia, one of the Balkan countries where you can visit without a visa, besides the capital Skopje, has many cities that will arouse the interest of tourists, such as Ohrid, Struga, Mavrovo, Tetovo, Bitola, Resne, Gostivar and Galicnik.


6. Georgia

You can have a great weekend vacation in Georgia, where you can visit without a visa. With its fascinating nature, hospitable people and its neighbor to our country, Georgia is the right choice for those who want a cheap vacation.


7. Pakistan

One of the cheapest countries in the world for vacation is Pakistan. Pakistan, which is on the list of countries that require a visa from Azerbaijan, will be of particular interest to people with an emphasis on calligraphy art and literature.


8. Thailand

Imagine small islands, blue shores, and giant palm trees along these shores. You can stay at very affordable hostels and relatively affordable hotels in Thailand that require a visa to visit. Prices drop further away from popular destinations such as Phuket and Phi Phi Islands.


9. India

With its fascinating culture and bustling streets, India is a country that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. You can buy a visa online to go to India, which is one of the perfect destinations, especially for those looking for a cheap vacation, for vacation, travel, treatment, business trip.


10. Sri Lanka

With pomegranate sands, mountains covered with white clouds, waterfalls, tea plantations and palm trees, Sri Lanka reminds you of paradise... Don't forget to visit the country's largest city, Colombo. We should especially mention that the people of the country welcome tourists and are hospitable.

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